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Mais frequente do que seria de esperar

I see you building the castle with one hand while tearing down another with the other.

Me in you, Kings of Convenience
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Dos obstáculos

Because there is no love where there is no obstacle

Say valley maker, Bill Callahan
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Dos aplausos

Outside, the rain is tapping on the leaves, to me it sounds like they’re applauding us the the quiet love we’ve made.

Empty, Ray LaMontagne
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Das pontes [entre pessoas]

I’ve still got me to cross your bridge in this storm and i’ve still got me to keep you warm

Grey Room, Damien Rice
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Aquecimento para a noite de sexta [I]

Love is the king of the beasts, and when it gets hungry it must kill to eat

Eid Ma Clack Shaw, Bill Callahan
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Das manchas

You left a lovestain on my heart and you left a bloodstain on the ground, but blood comes off easily

Lovestain, José González
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Da vida

We live together in a photograph of time

Fistful of Love, Antony and The Johnsons
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Da dor

I talk before I think, you shoot before you know who’s in your line of fire. So somehow we’re the same, we’re causing people pain.

Rule My World, Kings of Convenience
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Do amor

My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder

Lover, You Should’ve Come Over, Jeff Buckley

[A recuperar, aos poucos, uma categoria de entradas da anterior morada deste blogue.]

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Explicação dos pássaros

You put a big bird in a small cage it’ll sing you a song

Big bird in a small cage, Patrick Watson
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Da verdade

Use the truth as a weapon to beat up all your friends

In These Arms, The Swell Season
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Da cura

Carne mole em pedra dura bate à procura de cura.

João Coração, Corpo de Água [EP Nº1. lado b – download gratuito aqui]

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Do presente

Oh, just make, please make this basic inference and speak of me in the present tense.

Andrew Bird, The Privateers [Noble Beast]

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